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Plan a Phoenix Staycation For Under $40 a Person

By Michelle Gardner

It is summer and I am totally in the mood for a vacation! Aren't you? Unfortunately, a family vacation out of state is not in our near future, but a fantastic and affordable STAY-cation is thanks to our new adventures with Pogo Pass. We can have a blast without leaving the state for under $40 a pers... Read More

#Autism Is....

By April Johnston

Autism is a different way of approaching life in our family.  Autism affects my husband's family in a personal way.  His sister is autistic.  She is high functioning and able to hold down a job.  However, she needs help and support as she moves through life to do basic things.  Even though she ... Read More

10 Things to Do in Phoenix Before School is Out

By Melissa Choate

The last day of the 2013-14 school year for my children is May 22nd. When the school bell rings that afternoon it will be an end to classes and the beginning of a long, hot summer vacation in Phoenix. A little preparation can make an average summer awesome. Here is a list of 10 things to do in Phoen... Read More

Arizona Butterfly Wonderland

By Raejean Roberts

My last article featured some of my favorite Arizona attractions. I found another one – the Butterfly Wonderland! The best part of chaperoning school field trips is finding cool new places. Almost a year ago, Scottsdale became home to this new attraction. We started our tour with a 3-D IMAX exp... Read More

Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Recipes

By Melissa Choate

It's no surprise that Cinco de Mayo is a highly anticipated event in Arizona, the home of a growing Latino and Hispanic community. Use these crafts and recipes to help celebrate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival on May 3 &... Read More

7 Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

By Melissa Choate

This year Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5 - 9, 2014. While most teachers admit they have way too many candles, there are things you can give to show the teachers in your child's life how much you value their hard work. Here are seven ideas to help celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. 1.  Make... Read More

A Taste of Greece Festival - Chandler, Arizona

By Monica Jamer

This weekend the Taste of Greece Festival is going to be back in Chandler, Arizona. We were able to go to the Greek Festival last fall and it was great. I was happy to experience the food and culture. I haven't had much experience with Greek food or culture outside of this festival. In fact, ... Read More

Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival 2014

By Melissa Choate

Cinco de Mayo celebrations began as a way to commemorate Mexico's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. As its popularity grew in the United States, the holiday evolved to include a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. The Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival is one of... Read More

Toddler Outings In Arizona

By Monica Jamer

I love to take my toddler out and about. At two and a half he loves to explore and we both love to spend time out of the house. I take pictures to show him later, but I am truly amazed at how much he remembers and soaks in. We went to the Greek Festival last fall and they shuttled us from the parkin... Read More

Schnepf Farms Peach Festival

By Monica Jamer

Schnepf Farms is one of our favorite local places to visit. They are a family farm that has tons of history and even more going on still. They are open from the beginning of October for the Pumpkin and Chili Festival until May or June, after the Peach Festival is over and it gets too hot. Schnepf ... Read More