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Are you focused? | erika snow photography

As the end of the school year winds down and summer begins, it feels like with all the dance recitals, choir concerts, preschool programs it is difficult to focus on any one thing.  Focus is important in our daily lives as well as our pictures.  Do you ever look at a picture on the LCD screen of the back of your camera and think ‘that’s a keeper’ only to find out when you download it onto your computer something doesn’t quite look right?  Usually this is due to a problem with the focus.  When you shoot on any other camera setting besides Auto you get to choose where your focal point is.  Can I get an Amen for choice!  I typically focus on a person’s eyes in a picture as they are usually the first thing I look at in a photograph and I want them to be super sharp.  These two pictures were taken within seconds of each other.  The web sized versions look pretty much the same.  But above them are the 100% crops of one eye from each baby.  Notice what a big difference there is when one is in focus, sharp and crisp and the other is soft, muddled and not in focus.

The other key to getting what you want in focus is being able to CHOOSE your focal point.  The picture below was taken with my iPhone.  Although it is much loved it did not do a very good job at guessing what I wanted in focus.  If you look closely you will see that the background and especially the obscure man pushing a stroller is more in focus then my darling boys.  Yes, focus is important.

Happy Shooting!

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