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Art Camp, the Final Chapter

We finished off our Art Camp with a look at two more artists, art projects and activities.

Day 4

We studied Georges Seurat. Pointillism doesn’t seem very scientific at first glance, but Seurat was influenced by the scientific studies of color and optical effects. While the pointillism style is present in many of his works, they are still so varied. Some of the “points” are so small; the painting seems like a dreamy photograph. Others have larger “points” and thus less detailed. But they all have a dreamy quality that brings a peaceful feeling.

We also touched on the many styles, from impressionism to modern, romantic to cubism. We briefly looked at more than a dozen styles of western art and even a few styles of eastern art. There were more than I ever imagined!

We did a really neat art project that took most of us several days to complete. We started off with five to seven lines going across the paper in different directions. They were different thicknesses and shapes, like zigzags or wavy. Then we wrote several words in several of the sections. Finally we filled in all the areas with different patterns. Areas touching couldn’t use the same pattern. It was kind of an addicting activity.

Day 5

On our final day, we studied Albrecht Durer. He was the son of a goldsmith, born in the late 1400’s. The painting I’m most familiar with is “Young Hare”. The rabbit in this painting is incredibly detailed and life like. Not all of his art is realistic, but most is very detailed. He has a very interesting way of signing his work and places it into his work in out of the ordinary ways – on a paper on the ground or as part of a coat of arms. Now my children also look for an artist signature when they are looking at a piece of art.

As a group, we played Free Rice. There is an art recognition part of the website. I don’t think we saw many pieces from the artists we studied, but its great exposure to many different artists (it does seem a little heavy in Van Gogh). Even though the kids were learning, it was hard to get them to leave the game.

Our final art project was a yummy experiment in pointillism. We frosted graham cracker squares with frosting, and then used different colors and shapes of sprinkles to create pictures. The pictures ranged from a tree and a cactus. They don’t usually spend that much time playing with their food before eating it!

We had a blast during art camp. We learned, we created, we played and we ate. If time and finances allow a trip to an art museum would be a great addition to art camp. Art is a great topic for summer camp because there are so many artists and styles to learn about and so many different activities to tie into the learning. With all the choices, they is something for everyone!

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  1. raejean 07/08/2010 at 5:27 pm

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.

  2. Jen 07/08/2010 at 3:49 pm

    I love your art camp posts! So great!