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Career Transitions ~ Bridging the Gap

Photo credit: Sydney Boyd

The current economy has left many women who had made the decision to stay at home with their children wondering if now is the time to return to work. The focus of this series thus far has been on how to make that transition back to the workplace. The gap in your resume does not have to be a liability- but you do need to market yourself and your skills.

As was mentioned in an earlier posts, the web is an idea place to do this- create public profiles using LinkedIn and other sites. Make certain this profile is professional.

Network- make sure you are stay in touch with or reconnecting with friends, former colleagues etc both online and offline. Ask if anyone is aware of any opening in your area, do they have any contacts in your area. The vast majority of jobs are not published but are discovered through word of mouth!

Connect with other women who are planning to return to work- not only is this an opportunity to network, but a support system can be useful during this time.

Remember to optimize your cover letter and resume by using industry key words! This makes it more likely that employers will find you if you publish your resume on a career site such as Monster. Not to mention, having industry key words in your resume is required if you want your resume to survive the initial screening process.

Brush up on and/or stay current with essential office tools, such as relevant software.

Next in the career transition series- tips for creating a powerful resume.

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