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Nutrition Camp

We went totally bananas for this week’s Stay at Home Summer Camp!  Our theme was a little less traditional for us; the food pyramid.  The challenging part of the week was keeping the information on a level everyone could understand.  I’ve taken a couple of nutrition classes and I’m fascinated by the science of it all.  Unfortunately, that can get a little dry and technical.  MyPramid.gov is a great website with age appropriate lessons and even games.

Day 1
We started off the week learning about dairy products; what they are, how much our bodies need and which are better choices than others.  We teamed up and played the My Pyramid Blast Off game.  Kids make choices on what foods and how much the astronaut needs to blast to Planet Healthy.  They also have to get the proper amount of exercise to complete their journey.

We also took a portion distortion quiz.  It’s amazing how much more we eat because food portions have grown so much in the last 20 years, from hamburgers to bagels.

We had yogurt for a snack for a tasty way to incorporate what we learned.

Day 2
Next we tackled protein.  We learned meat is a complete protein, while beans, nuts and seeds are incomplete proteins.  When we eat certain combination of incomplete proteins, like beans and rice, they make up a complete protein.

We also learned about the importance of drinking water every day.  It keeps us hydrated, obviously, and it has no sweeteners or calories.  It is also necessary for several vital body functions.

We finished off the day by playing a game of tag and eating peanut butter granola bars for a snack.

Day 3
Grains were up next.  It was good to have my children listen to why whole grains are so much better.   We compared nutrition labels from two different cereal boxes to see which was healthier.  I need to buy healthier cereals for my kids!

We had air-popped popcorn for a snack.

Day 4
Finally we tackled fruits and vegetables.  I was surprised to learn that pre-adolescent boys and I both need 3 cups of vegetables per day.  (I’m still falling short on that one.)

We also learned about the importance of exercise.  We ran laps around the house since it was too hot to go outside.

I couldn’t make it all week without a sweet snack, so we had chocolate covered strawberries!

There you have it, a healthy and delicious week’s worth of lessons and activities.  Our family is still far from perfect when it comes to healthy eating, but we all have more knowledge about what we should be eating and we think more about what we put into our bodies.  That has to be a good step!

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