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Deadly Creature Camp, Part Two

We continued the fun and excitement of Deadly Creature week as part of our Stay at Home Summer School.

Even though we had half dozen books about snakes from the library, we mostly used the internet. I never realized that some snakes gave birth to live baby snakes instead of laying eggs.  I thought the whole egg laying thing was part of what made a reptile just that, a reptile.  Shows you how much I know about snakes!   Once again there was so much we didn’t cover about snakes; we could have easily spent a whole week on just snakes.

One of my children wanted to play a version of Father Time, but have it be Father Snake where we all crawled on our bellies to reach him.  I wasn’t going for the slithering like a snake part (I know, I’m getting old), so we played on our feet.

The lesson planned for dogs focused on hyenas only to realize they are actually in the cat family.  Next we learned about the Tasmanian Tiger (by Janet Riehecky).  These ancient guys could open their mouths 120 degrees, and I thought my kids had big mouths!

We moved on to actual dogs, (ones that are still alive) and learned about wolves, coyotes and foxes.  Different species of fox are found around the world, the most common being the red fox, the gray fox, the arctic fox and the kit fox.  Foxes are not a threat to humans, but they sure are to the rodents!  I’m not sure if these wild dogs kill many humans, but they are incredible hunters.

We branched out into a craft with our paper plate wolves.  This is one of our favorite crafts in the last 12 months.  It’s surprising how many things you can make from paper plates; paper plate bunnies, paper plate owls, paper plate pumpkins and paper plate snowmen.

The thing that sticks out to me about big cats is their solitary lives; except for the lions.  The lions live together, hunt together and raise their cubs together.  Although, the mama lion hides in a secret den when she gives birth to her cubs and keeps them hidden until they are about eight weeks old.  A lion’s roar can be heard as far as five miles away!

There are so many more animals we could have learned about in addition to the animals we didn’t focus on in the categories we did study.  We have such fun learning about animals, I’m sure we will include more for next year’s Summer Camp.

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