I am "Mom" to four fabulous, entertaining children, who always provide me with something to write about. I am a lover of sports, the written word, and especially my family. Sarcasm is my best friend. While I work full time, my true passion is writing.

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A Christmas Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a young, naive woman. She was certain she had met her prince and that they would live happily ever after. Alas, the first indication that it was not meant to be came at Christmastime.

She recognized that he did not have a lot of money; she was not interested in a grandiose gift anyway. She was, however, genuinely excited to spend her first Christmas with her new husband and to give him all the presents that she knew he would love. She studied his favorite sports teams, his favorite clothing; she even hand made some items for him to open on Christmas morning. On their first Christmas together as man and wife, he presented her with: a spoon rest (she didn’t cook;) a tea kettle (she didn’t drink tea;) a bath mat (ok, at least she showered!) and a front door mat–if it is the thought that counts, was the door mat a metaphor for her place in their relationship?! The coup de grace, however, was the giant, plastic, seventy-nine cent (yes, he left the price on it) chip clip he gave to her. Wrapped. Under the tree. As a GIFT.

Needless to say, the fairly tale eventually ended, and it did not end the way she envisioned it would. As she picked up the shards from her shattered glass slipper, she realized that every story CAN have a happy ending; just not necessarily the ending one might expect. While her prince never left her feeling like a princess, he did give her the two best presents she could ever receive: their son, Ryan, and their daughter, Shannon.

And, she started to drink tea.

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