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Christmas Scavenger Hunt

We recently found these words in our advent drawer, “Christmas Scavenger Hunt.”  One of my children was in charge of hiding the clues and reading the first clue to everyone else.  We spent less than 10 minutes running from place to place in the house, letting out some Christmas excitement.

Sound fun?  Let me save you some work by sharing our clues!

•    Regular or powdered, it doesn’t matter. I always make your Christmas goodies sweeter. (Sugar canister)
•    I am hung with care to make sure that St. Nicholas will soon be there. (Stockings)
•    I make the presents glisten with care, yet I will be gone with a few simple tears! (Wrapping Station)
•    I’m piping hot this time of year, from turkeys to cookies, turn me on and watch the temp rise. (Oven)
•    I’m white, puffy, and smooth and add much fun to your cocoa! (Bag of Marshmallows.)
•    I am tall and green and add an essence of nature to your merriment. (Christmas tree.)
•    With a corncob pipe, and a button nose and my eyes are made out of… (Snowman decoration)
•    Greetings galore this time of year from family, friends and neighbors both near and far. (Christmas cards.)
•    In red and green, blue and silver, I will illuminate your room with no more than a flicker. (Christmas lights)
•    In ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, where were the children nestled? (In a bed)

Our last clue led us to the oven (don’t worry, it wasn’t turned on), where we found a plate of goodies.  Share this exhilarating adventure with your family as part of your Christmas celebration!

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