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The Kids are Home from School; Now What?

The thrill and anticipation of Christmas is over, all the toys have been played with and there’s still a week until the kids go back to school.  What’s a mom to do to keep the after-Christmas let down to a minimum?  Here are a few tricks I have up my sleeve.

Get out of the House

  • My mom gave us the gift of going to the movies.  We usually only go to the movies a couple of times a year as a family because of the expense of such a large group.  Because it’s such a rare occasion, the kids are really looking forward it.  They’ve voted to see Tangled.
  • My dad gave all of us some money to spend at the after-Christmas sales.  Even my non-shopping child enjoys a trip to the mall when he can buy something he wants.
  • It’s an all day event here in Arizona, but we plan an annual trip to the snow between Christmas and New Year.



  • We also enjoy scrapbooking and crafting together.
  • Sometimes I can even get them to help clean up the Christmas decorations, or at least some of the mess.
  • There’s plenty of time for reading our Family Book Club selection.  Right now we are reading Eragon.
  • Don’t forget to have the children help plan the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Well that ought to keep you busy for awhile.  Pick and choose as you please, or use these ideas as a jumping point for your own ideas.  When it all boils down, what you do with your children isn’t as important as the time you spend with them.

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