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2010 Posts with the Most Comments

Just to show there is more than one way to look at things, I found another way to determine popularity.  Last week, I listed my most popular posts by the number of people that read them.  This week I have a quick list of the posts that received the most comments.

1.       Igraine the Brave – This made it to number eight on the last list.

2.       Summer Camp Themes – Number four from the most read list.

3.       Discount Store Scavenger Hunt – One of our most fun birthday parties.

4.       Diamond of Darkhold Book Club – The first book club meeting I shared on Arizona Mama.

5.       Thanksgiving Traditions – The highlights of our family’s Thanksgiving.

6.       Family Christmas Card Tradition – Our assembly line method of making Christmas cards.

7.       Nutrition Camp – One of our Summer Camp themes.

8.       National Young Readers Week – A week to focus kid’s attention on reading.

9.       Sign Language Camp – Another Summer Camp theme.

10.   Art Camp – We had a busy summer, didn’t we?

11.   Star Wars Party – Number two from last week’s list.

12.   Disco Party – A fun party that got everyone up and moving.

13.   What Would You Take? – Number nine on the other most popular list.

14.   Family Service Walk – Exercise, service and family time all wrapped together.

I think that covers the most logical ways to look at last year’s most popular posts.  Now I’m ready to forge ahead to 2011.  I have a couple of book clubs to catch up on, plus preparations for the Chinese New Year on February 3 and Valentine’s Day right after that.  It’s going to be a great year!

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