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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

We read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for our Family Book Club.  It took me three years off and on to read the entire Harry Potter series out loud to my children.  My older children read them on their own and still enjoyed listening to the story.  It was above my younger children’s reading level, but they comprehended just fine when I read it to them.  It also helped that I was right there to answer any questions they had as we went along.

We started our meeting with a word search, a word unscramble and a crossword puzzle. I usually try to limit it to one worksheet type activities per meeting, but the child in charge had their heart set on all three.  Since it was the end of a very long series, we celebrated with a longer meeting than usual.

We made up some spells of our own. “Chocowent” makes a delicious chocolate cake appear, while “regigulus” gives everyone the giggles. You get the idea.

7 word reviews were fun; we summarized the book in exactly 7 words. Here’s what we came up with (beware of the spoilers):

  • Harry beats Voldemort! He has two hallows!
  • Cool – happy – exciting – amazing – lots of wars!
  • Finally! It took Harry forever to arrive.
  • Harry defeats Lord Voldemort in the end.

Our final activity was the Magic Wand Game. Each person had a turn to roll a pair of dice until they rolled doubles.  Then they put on a witch hat and used their magic wands, or chopsticks, to get as many Hagrid’s magic seeds out of the jar as they can until the next person rolled doubles, you could use candy corn or jelly beans. We only played for 5 minutes to limit the sugar intake!  To keep anyone from feeling bad for not getting to many seeds, we had some dementor therapy – chocolate.

That wrapped up another fun installment of our Family Book Club.  It’s always good to be reminded of how much fun I have hanging out with my children, building bonds and common experiences.

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  5. Jamel 10/18/2015 at 8:00 am

    Only 534? That’s hundreds of pages less flelir than in the previous one. Things are looking up; although not enough to persuade me to read the wretched thing.You should have given it to the girl in the restaurant. Think how many minutes of your life that would have saved.

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