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Valentines at Joe’s Farm Grill and the Coffee Shop

Even though Valentine’s Day is all about love, I’m not into a big romantic Valentine’s celebration with my husband.  I prefer to celebrate our love with a weekly date night or on anniversaries.  On Valentine’s Day our family exchanges cards and candy, eats our special Valentines muffins for breakfast, and does something special for dinner.

That’s where Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert comes into the picture.  I love the atmosphere and food at “the Farm”; it’s an oasis in the desert with plenty of outdoor seating beneath huge shade trees.  Find a table for two and you’ll have a great date night dinner, or bring the whole family and let the kids run around on the grass while waiting for your food.  Enjoy a romantic stroll around the grounds or a light-hearted exploration with the kids.  It’s a winning location for either way you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And the food…I’m getting hungry just typing about it; you can smell from blocks away.  My favorites are the Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza (especially the blue cheese on top) and Garlic Fries, even though they might not leave your breath smelling lovely.  If Joe’s Farm Grill sounds familiar, that might be because they were featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  Guy Fieri showcased the farm’s Fontina Burger, the Ahi Tuna Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries, and my favorite Grilled Pizza.  While there is no dollar menu, the food is moderately priced.  I especially like the freshness of the food; most of the produce comes from their personal 15 acre farm.

Adjacent to Joe’s Farm Grill is the Coffee Shop.  It’s housed in a converted maintenance garage.  They serve breakfast and sandwiches, but I’m all about their cupcakes.  They too have a little Food Network fame from competing on Cupcake Wars.  At $3 a pop, it’s a special, and occasional, treat; but Valentine’s Day is pretty special and occasional.  My favorite flavors are the Lemon and Vanilla Glam, while my children prefer the Cookies and Cream.  A sprinkle a little fine, edible glitter makes the cupcakes so pretty.  They even dressed up the Vanilla Glam for the season of love!

Whether it’s a family adventure or a romantic getaway, this dynamic duo makes a great destination!

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    That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

  5. Robert 10/18/2015 at 7:06 am

    Does this mean that Twitter is any less a marketing tool for buneisss? And Linked In is more exclusive. Dean explained that this is not necessarily true. But maybe this cartoon does have some merit?

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