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Jesterz Improv Comedy Show

Early in our marriage, our cheap entertainment came from watching standup comedy on the free cable included with apartment.  Fast forward ten years or so, we tried going to a comedy club or two.  Parts were funny, but the vulgar inappropriate material left us wondering why we wasted our date night funds to be offended.

Fast forward another ten years (man, I’m old) and I was introduced to the Jesterz Improv Comedy Troup in Scottsdale.  I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy improve comedy as much as stand up.  I like how interactive the show is and the show is different every time.   After a few shows, I have my favorite skits like the return counter.  I’ve even taken a few of the exercises home and shared them with my children.  We’re always joking around and the comedic exercises help harness our energy and practice quick thinking.

My Jesterz experience has been a girl’s night out or a date night, but the material is appropriate to enjoy with your children, your parents or your grandparents – and I’ve seen all the generations in attendance.  It’s a great place to celebrate a birthday from teenagers to great grandparents.  I would recommend eight and older because they would be more suited to staying in their seat and appreciate the humor.

Next month, Jesterz will be celebrating its tenth anniversary as the valley’s longest running improv show!  They’ve also been nominated for Arizona Central’s Arts & Entertainment section under the best stand-up, sketch group or improve troupe.

At only $12 per show, it’s an affordable date night or a special treat for the whole family.

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