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What’s In The Bag?

The motto of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts is “Be Prepared.” I believe these words are a good motto for parents, as well, and nothing solidifies my commitment to this saying as the contents of my purse.

I was never a Girl Scout, however, I was a Cub Scout leader for many years and I learned how to keep important items on hand, just in case. My purse has been called a suitcase, and for good reason. No expensive, tiny Coach clutch for me; it couldn’t take the abuse I would put it through. No, instead, I carry a Samosonite size bag because I know…having children means being ready for any situation. When children are first born, parents carry “diaper bags” to lug around all their baby items. I see my purse as my grown baby diaper bag–the objects may have changed, but the concept has not. To say that I carry an excess amount of belongings in my purse is like saying Donald Trump has excess hair. If I were a contestant on “Let’s Make A Deal” and I was offered $100.00 if I had a “blank” on me, it’d be a sure bet that whatever you article you filled that blank in with, I would have it. I’d make Monty Hall proud…(or for the new school “LMAD” watchers, I’d make Wayne Brady proud.)

To give you perspective on my luggage, I did some inventory and here’s what I found:

  1. a notebook (for jotting down blog ideas)
  2. a hair tie
  3. an invitation to a birthday kid’s birthday party
  4. my wallet
  5. stamps
  6. change
  7. chapstick
  8. a splinter removal kit
  9. tissues
  10. mints
  11. a pen
  12. neosporin
  13. matches
  14. a toothpick
  15. four lipsticks (ok, those are strictly for me)
  16. medical insurance cards for my kids
  17. an address book
  18. bandaids
  19. feminine hygiene products
  20. an eyeglass case
  21. a calendar
  22. various keys
  23. various coupons for food and activities
  24. my son’s car insurance statement
  25. my camera (I have to be ready to capture moments)
  26. my phone
  27. lotion with sunscreen
  28. an orthodontia appointment reminder card for Shannon
  29. bottled water
  30. and a can opener (hey, you never know…)

I think if I ever found the actual bottom of my purse, I may find gold.  However, I am ready for whatever my come my way.  Got a splinter?  Handled.  Chapped lips?  Not to worry.  Stuck on an island with only canned food?  I have you covered. The only item that I thought I forgot to pack was the proverbial clean pair of underwear until I remembered, it’s in my other purse.

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