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Scavenger Hunt Activity

With Arizona’s 100 degree days heading toward us in full force, what’s a mom to do to get her kiddos out of the house while avoiding the heat?  I don’t know about your budget, but mine limits fun trips to the movies and bowling.

I had a fun (and free) “date” with one of my children last spring that we will be doing again this summer. This was a great one on one activity, but can easily be adapted to fit a group.  My child and I visited a local discount store’s website and came up with a list of 20 items.  We had a scavenger hunt to see how many of the items we could find in 20 minutes; writing down the price when we found the item. You should have seen us zipping around the store! We found all the items in 19 minutes.  It even inspired a unique birthday party.

To make the activity work with more than one child, you could all work on the list as a group and search for the items as a team.  It would also be a fun challenge.  Have each child come up with a separate list.  Swap the list, so no one has their own and see who finds the most items in the allotted time.  Older kids could pair off and go on their own search; with younger kids just spend 10 or 15 minutes on each list.  This could be a great way to get your grocery shopping done too.  Be sure to check the cart for cookies and candy that weren’t on the list!

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