April works full time in higher education balancing her time between her special needs son, handsome husband, elderly mother, and new baby coming in May 2014. She has a background in theatre, film, and television but somehow stumbled into the educational field. She loves spending time with her family, dreaming of the beach and organizing her house.

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Family Fun Activities

During the summer, it’s hard to find activities for families that don’t involve a lot of money or are out in the desert heat.  Chick-Fil-A has been the best thing to happen to our family.  Our son loves their play area and I love the different activities they have during the month.  This past Friday was Cow Appreciation Day.  Although we had other plans, it is just one of many activities that they do.  Last month we went to their Hollywood Night and our son participated in the crafts, drawing and just hanging out listening to the music and getting pictures with the cow!  This Friday, July 15th, is 50’s Night.  If you dress up, they have specific things for you.  Even if you don’t dress up, it is a wonderful family event.  Because it is open to everyone, we saw quite a few special needs kids participating with their families.  Even if your child is physically challenged, they can still participate in  the activities.  I highly recommend it as a family night out!

This past Friday, my family went to the All Star Fan Fest at the Convention Center in Phoenix.  Having never been to one before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Our son particularly enjoyed the interactive activities for kids and adults.  He was able to throw balls, steal bases, obtain autographs, get pictures with mascots, and hit a real baseball with a real bat!  Although it was quite pricey to attend, it was worth the money to attend.  Thankfully we had discount tickets.  They actually had a lot of activities for all levels of disabilities for children and adults.  Our son isn’t physically handicapped, but he doesn’t understand or comprehend some things and he had no issues with accessibility.

There are a couple of great children’s movies coming out as well this summer, Cars and Winnie the Pooh.  We are planning to take our son to his first movie.  If you bring your child earlier in the day, it is cheaper for you as well and kids tend to do better earlier in the day.  There is also the rare cheap movie theatre to catch some of the other kids cartoons on their way to dvd.

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