April works full time in higher education balancing her time between her special needs son, handsome husband, elderly mother, and new baby coming in May 2014. She has a background in theatre, film, and television but somehow stumbled into the educational field. She loves spending time with her family, dreaming of the beach and organizing her house.

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First Movie Theatre Experience

Most kids don’t remember when they first went to the movies.  The average kid goes for the first time between 2-5 years of age.  We waited until our son turned 3 because of his inability to sit still.  Since he was sitting still now for at least 45 minutes, we thought this was a perfect time to do this.  So, “Cars 2” seemed like the most appropriate movie for a little boy his age.  We expected that at some point he would be a little restless, but we didn’t anticipate how soon it would occur!

Because we weren’t sure how he would act, we chose to go to the earliest showing on a Sunday morning.  Thankfully only 10 other people were in the theatre with us.  Strike number one-We forgot his snacks.  He was so excited that we dressed him in his Cars outfit and tried to talk to him about how it was going to be and how he needed to behave.   Every second we were closer to the theatre, he became more excited.

At the theatre, we picked up his booster seat and made our way down the hall to the theatre.  The darkish theatre kind of freaked him out a little bit, but thankfully we were there a little early to get the best seats in the house.  Strike Two-The lights on the aisle were extremely fascinating to him.  We picked our seats and he sat for a minute and then became a little antsy.  He wanted to sit on all of the seats in the row.  We finally got him to sit still when the lights started lowering.

Our conversation when the lights went down:

“Mommy, big tv.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Mommy, big tv.”

“Yes, it is.”

And so on.  You get the picture.

Finally the previews and the Toy Story short calmed him down.  But once the actual movie started, that was it.  Strike number three-The previews were too long.  He refused to sit any longer once the movie started and began jumping around to sit in every seat in the row.  Soon, he was crawling under the metal bars in front of us and running in front of the screen.  Before we could catch him, he was running up the stairs and across the back of the movie theatre and then down the other side.  My husband was trailing him and I was able to finally catch him once he reached the bottom of the stairs. We took him out and then brought him back in.  Both of us were tired after the third round of this, so we called it quits not long into the movie.

We’re gone-He definitely disturbed the other people in the theatre by his running around.  That was the final straw.  He didn’t understand why we were taking him out of the movie, but we knew that he understood that he was being ornery.  He would stop, look at us and then take off.  Yes, he has hit the terrible three’s!

Since his therapy was stopped by the state, he has been regressing not only in his speech, but mainly in his behavior.  This is bothersome to us.  Yes, school starts on the 15th, but what can we do in the meantime?  Our insurance is not cooperating with us and we are trying to retain the speech therapy.  But again, there are glitches on both sides.  We have applied for long term care, but were told it could be 4 months or more IF he is approved!

In the meantime, we won’t be taking him to another movie for awhile and we will be buying “Cars 2” once it hits DVD.  All you can do is try!

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