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3 Easy Boo-ing Ideas

Everyone’s heard of boo-ing by now right? If not you can take a look at last year’s post where I try to explain it, and where there is a link to the printable.

Tin Cookie Container

This tin was pretty easy. It’s from one of those shortbread cookie tins that was saved from who-knows-when. You can use anything like this. You will also need halloween scrapbook paper, orange printer paper, and black acrylic paint. The orange paper and paint can be swapped out for more scrapbook paper.

Take some cute halloween paper and glued it around the sides. Tacky glue works really well.

Cut out the orange circle. (The printer paper is much cheaper than scrapbook paper.) Glue it to the tin. Take a stiff paint brush and daub it in black acrylic paint and swipe it in a circular motion around the outer edge of the paper.

Cut out another circle (traced by using a bowl or something) and glue it on top of the orange circle.

To add a little flair you can glue on a flower or cute embellishment. Raffia and beads are cute, but you could do a ribbon bow or anything.

This is super easy, you can find what you have and put something together for cheap.

In the bottom you can use raffia, or something else to use as a cute filler, if you are filling it with candy. It makes it look fuller and more appealing, and otherwise it would take 3 bags of candy to fill it. You can be creative and make some goodies or find something else cool to put in there. I might put bags of microwave popcorn this year.

Soup Can Basket

Another idea is to use a soup can to make a cute container. The cans with the pull top lid are less likely to cut anyone.

To make a basket-like can use a hammer and nail to punch through the tin. Do it lightly, so that half of the can doesn’t fold in.

Beading wire and old speaker wire work really well. You can also hot glue raffia to them to make them cuter, or tie a ribbon on the side. To attach it to your can just string it through and twist it together.

Wrap the can with paper or fabric and glue it on with hot glue or tacky glue. Raffia or a cute ribbon looks good on top of that.

Painted Cardboard Cans

Another treat container idea can be made from the round cardboard containers with plastic lids from around the house. Mine came from the dry iced tea mix, and the other from a package of breadcrumbs.

Rinse your containers, and peel the labels off if you can.

Paint them black with acrylic paints. Use silver acrylic paint and paint a design, such as the spider web or decorative lines. Include the word “Boo” somewhere too!

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