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Badminton Fun

The closing party at evo ’11 was a BBQ sponsored by Together Counts at the beautiful Red Pine Lodge in Park City, Utah’s Canyons Resort.  After a spectacular ride up the gondola, there were several kid oriented activities. The wind drove us inside initially, but then my husband and one of my children tried their hand at the geocaching scavenger hunt.  Those two managed the best time for the evening and won a $100 gift card from Sports Authority.

Their purchase was in line with Together Counts goals; family activities that get the family outside, playing together.  They chose a badminton set, and a ladderball set with a bean bag toss.  Last night we had to take advantage of the 96 degree weather (yeah!) and celebrate that chores and homework were finally complete.

In a few minutes, the net was up and we were enjoying a rousing badminton game.  I don’t see any of us going pro anytime soon, but we had a lot of fun laughing at how many swings it took us to actually make contact while serving, and chasing the birdie around the yard.  In our defense, those little guys are very deceiving and unpredictable.  We’d hit them forward and somehow it would end up behind us.  Long, hard hits would suddenly tail off and fall out of the sky.  We only hit one into a tree and one in the trampoline pit.  Not a bad night for beginners.

We’re hoping the ridiculously hot days are over and we can get back outside more often, enjoying what we love most – playing together.  This will be our first fall with our own patch of grass, and now we are set with some great games to make it even more fun!

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  2. sondra 09/11/2011 at 10:28 am

    Now that sounds like fun.