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Papago Park Hike

It’s finally fall in Arizona! My son and I celebrated it by going on our first hike together. It had to be short and easy, because it has been almost a year since I did any hiking.

Baby at Papago Park

We went to Papago Park, right across the street from the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden.

We were on the West side of Galvin Parkway and Parked in the Parking Lot. We started from there and attempted to follow the trail and went around the big rocks, that are apparently called buttes. I never knew what a butte was until someone else hiking called those things one. Now I know.

It was really easy to hike to a little Ramada in the middle of the park. I stopped there to feed the baby. The view was amazing. Just a short distance and you could see almost all of the Valley. There were gorgeous clouds in the sky and it made me really wish I had remembered my camera! I did have my phone, but those pictures just don’t do the real sight any justice.

We didn’t go out and climb any of the buttes like I would have done a year ago, but we did hike up to the base of one of the smaller ones and sat for awhile, taking in the view. It was even better from up there. Taking it nice and easy was enjoyable, but the buttes would be fun to hike or climb if you wanted to do something a little bit more extreme!

Have fun out there and if you want to check out what I packed to go hiking with an infant click here.

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