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Science Fair Book Club

I knew I felt busy lately, but we must really be busier because it took us a few months to read Science Fair for our family book club.  It wasn’t because we didn’t enjoy the book.  My younger children shied away from reading it on their own because of the odd names, preferring me to read it out loud to them instead.  Finding that time where our schedules intersected slowed us down – and it was a fairly long book.

The book describes a junior high science fair with an eclectic cast of characters, including a group from the small country of Krpshtskan.  I don’t think I pronounced their country the same way twice.  I can’t neglect to mention the spoiled rich kids, the kooky Science Shop owner, and our heroes Toby, Tamara and Micah.  Who knew espionage, science experiments and pre-adolescent angst could be so comical?

After we finally finished reading the book, we made time for our fun book club meeting.  We started off discussing our favorite parts of the book – there were a lot to choose from!  Then we each drew something from the Science Fair.  My kiddos drew pictures of the memorable experiments like the “Hotness Box”, while I chose to draw the Weiner mobile in the chaos outside of the gym.  (You know you are jealous of my artistic abilities!)

We finished off our meeting with a game of Hide and Seek Tag, which is a typical game of hide and seek that turns into tag once you’re spotted.  May I say that that the hider is trapped 95% of the time, and I get tagged a lot.  In case you are wondering, this game is an excellent tie in to the Science Fair’s climax.

Now that I’ve piqued your interest with a book about preteens, foreign nationals, a science fair and the Weiner Mobile you probably need to read this book with your kids.  Let me know what kind of fun activities you try out because of it.

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  2. Raejean 03/08/2012 at 1:49 pm

    The movie you mentioned sounds like the book we read a while back called the Pushcart War.

    I know the reading to the kids won’t last much longer, but I hope I can keep reading with them!

  3. Heidi Murphy 03/05/2012 at 10:20 am

    If you’re ever looking for a cute movie, try The Button Wars. It’s about a village full of Irish kids who come up with a creative way to combat bullying. We loved it…;o)

    I wish I could say we still read to our kids. We did for a long time–books like the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites Series, The Yearling, several of the Oz books, Treasure Island, Mary Poppins, The Book of Mormon, and The Lord of the Rings series. I’m going to try and reinstate it, if we can just get them to stop scheduling things over dinner. I’m going to have to get out my hammer and nails.

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  6. Raejean 02/15/2012 at 12:02 pm

    Amy, that’s exactly where we started too! When we started our family book club, my youngest could read but not at the level of the books we were doing. I’d read out loud, and then we would do fun activities to celebrate finishing the book.

  7. Amy Allen Johnson 02/15/2012 at 11:47 am

    I still am just amazed at the idea of a family book club. We’re getting closer to having a 2nd reading child… this may be our next step. For now, it’s me reading Harry Potter to them every night 🙂

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