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End of School Year Homestretch

May is quickly becoming the lost month for me and we’re almost finished! With the end of the school year quickly approaching and everything that involves, I’m realizing that I drew a deep breath at the beginning of the month and likely will not exhale until May 30th. As an extroverted mom one would think that this chaos would be dreamy for me- all the people, the busy schedules and even the chaos, but I am learning some things about myself already this month.

Yes, I am an extrovert, I derive the vast majority of my energy from being around others- but as with anything in life- there comes a point of diminishing returns. The schedule for May has already begun to feel all too consuming and because blowing off the various events (that are synonymous with the end of the year frenzy) isn’t really a fair option, I am looking for ways to cope with the hectic demands.  Here are just a few things I am doing:

  •  I am making it a daily practice to step away from technology while I am with the family. It is disturbing what a time drain checking email, twitter, facebook and the blog can be on your time!
  • I am assessing my to do list daily and giving myself permission to address only those things that must be done
  • I am giving myself time each night to sharpen my saw by reading for pleasure, journaling, or watching a movie on my lap top curled up in bed (Fried Green Tomatoes is currently loaded)
  • I’ve loaded some of my favorite audio books on my phone and listen to them as I take my walks
  • I am enjoying more time doing yoga

Summer often requires parents to make shifts in their schedules and routines, especially if you have school age children and you are preparing for them to be home. What things are you doing to manage the chaos of entering the school year home stretch this month?


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