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Make Your Own Iron-On

When I was little, I loved iron-on patches. I never really got to use them, or have many as I wanted but I loved them anyway! The great thing about your own iron-on is that you can iron it onto anything! Fabric, paper, or walls.

Fusible Webbing
Something for the iron-on to go on


1. Iron the fabric to the fusible webbing. Use the directions included when you bought the webbing.

2. Make a template for your iron-on (if needed)

3. Turn over your fabric webbing combo and draw on the paper on the back of the webbing. Trace your template (again, if needed) and remember that small shapes on the inside of the design will need to be connected to the outside. I just used my heart template for the outside design and then used the two pencils to make the inside line. I then drew a random selection of hearts with my double pencils on the inside of the bigger heart.

4. Use a marker to black out the spots that need to be cut out.

5. Cut out your drawing. I use Fiskars Softouch Micro Tip Scissors which make it really easy to cut but you could also use an xacto knife with a cutting mat, and I’m sure that would be easier for some.

6. That’s all it takes to do this design. Other ideas to make your own iron-on are to draw on the fabric with fabric markers or to have multiple pieces in different colors cut and ironed together. Now you can take off the backing and iron it on to whatever you want!

To see my finished project, check out my Iron-On Embellished Skirt.

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