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DIY Fabric Slings for Gift Wrap Organization

As I was going through my gift wrap for my son’s birthday I realized I needed to actually organize all of the gift wrap I’ve hoarded. I knew I wanted shelves or something along our coat closet wall, and liked the fabric slings. This is another “Ugly Project” (See Also: Ugly Clown Pajama Shorts) that may not be pretty but is useful.

I tried to make my fabric slings a little simpler, as I didn’t have the rods that the other ones usually use.

Rope (Non-stretchy, like clothesline)
Nails or Screws

Plan a little bit first. Decide where your nails will go, think about where the studs are. Also decide how tall each sling should be. I had a few different sizes that depended on the sizes of gift bags.

1. Cut your fabric, and then fold over the top and bottom edge, and hem. The other edges do not have to be finished, but they can be before you do the hem for the top and bottom. That hem will be where you thread your rope through.

2. Nail your two nails into the wall, there should be an inch between the sling and the nail on each side.

3. String your rope through your hems, and hook one side over your nail. Tie the rope together, around the other nail. Be sure that it’s as tight as you can get it. Trim the extra rope and fill your sling with your gift wrap.

Please excuse my bad picures, just like my laundry closet right next to it, this closet is in a small dark hallway. It’s another reason it’s an Ugly Project!

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  1. Raejean 07/18/2012 at 2:43 pm

    Great idea for unused space!