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Evo 12 Conference

Social Media Conference

I was fortunate to go the evo conference in Park City, UT last weekend. This was my second time and once again, my brain is full! It is hard to digest all that I learned when life keeps happening. I’ve seen a ton of posts, tweets and pictures – I don’t know how everyone else absorbs it so quickly.


I must say I had my moments of star gazing. How often do you get to meet Minnie outside of Anaheim? More than once, I looked at someone’s nametag and said “I follow your {blog, Pinterest board, etc.}” I loved the reunions with the Today’s Mama Staff and last year’s roommates. There may have been a little squealing.

During Friday night’s black out, I sat on a dark couch and talked to Stephanie Porter. The next day I learned she writes for Bay Area Mama. It’s amazing how small the world gets when the electricity goes out!

Follow Through

Last year was awesome, but the slow digestion thing got to me. I’m trying to do better this year. Yesterday I reviewed my notes from the amazing classes and made a to-do list (a long one). There are things to research, people to email and some big projects like changing my ‘brand’. It only took me three years to realize that my blog name is meaningful to me – and that’s about it. I’m still learning to use my voice effectively, and I’m closer to letting it shine – with the help of my friends at evo!

If social media’s your thing, join me next year for another amazing three days!

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