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Airport Traveling Tips

Taking a trip? Check out these airport traveling tips to help you on your way!

  • Decorate your suitcase so that it stands out. If you carry it on it is nice to be able to spot it quickly in the overhead bins, or if you check it in it is easier to spot in the baggage claim. You can paint it like I did, or tie on a colorful scarf.
  • When packing to go somewhere, pack everything loosely, and bring stuff that may not be coming home with you (diapers, gifts, etc). On the way back if you have new purchases or gifts that were given to you (or your children!) you can pack everything tighter and fit all the new stuff in there.
  • Bring an empty water bottle and dry mix drink packets. You can fill your water bottle at a fountain, and have a much cheaper drink. It saves $2 or more on bottled waters or soda. Some airlines, while you are on the flight will fill it with water as well.
  • Keep your liquids in your 1 quart bag in an outside pocket that is easy to get to, so they can be pulled out while going through security. Do the same for your laptop or other large devices as well.
  • When going through airport security, take it slow and make sure you are organized and have everything. It saves time in the long run because you aren’t running back to get something that was forgotten or done wrong.
  • While standing in line to go through the security checkpoint, take care to read the signs. There were a few changes I didn’t know about, even though I had flown three months previously.
  • Take advantage if you are at an airport with a play area.  Let the kids run around, and maybe even run around yourself. If there isn’t a play area don’t be afraid to let kids run around near your seats while waiting, they can get all of their energy out to sit better on the plane.

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