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Preschool Activity- Easy DIY Memory Match

Memory Match was always a favorite game of mine when I was little, and I had the great idea of having the little girl I watch help me make our own memory match game. It was very easy and entertained the both of us for quite awhile- especially because she wanted to play it again everyday!

Construction Paper/Cardstock
Variety of Stickers(Need Two of Each Sticker)
Large Envelope or Small Box

Cut the paper into the same sized Cards before you let your preschooler help. You want at least a dozen or more depending on their age. Put the cards in groups of two.

Your preschooler can now put the stickers on, each card in the set of two gets a sticker that matches. Have them do this for each of the cards. We used a few different kind of stickers- I had some Disney characters, airplanes, letters and animals. There are endless possibilities. We only did a few letters because that’s what she chose and some were different colors but the same letter. Just as some of the characters were different pictures but they were still the same character, so she knew that they matched, even if they weren’t the same.

After the cards are made you can mix them up and play an easy game of memory match. Have fun explaining and helping them with it! It can be hard to lose to a little kid, but it sure makes them happy and want to keep playing.

When you are finished playing they can be put inside your envelope or small box. The box or envelope can be decorated by your preschooler as well. These could also be a great gift idea for your child to make for other children, or as a Valentine or for any other holiday class gifts.

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