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Arizona Farmer’s Market at Superstition Farm

I have been wanting to go to a Farmer’s Market while Market on the Move is on their summer break. I had heard about Superstition Farm’s Farmers Market every Thursday and decided to try there first.

I haven’t ever been to a farmer’s market, let alone one hosted at a farm. I went with a friend and her kids and had a great time. It was indoors and there were a few different booths. They had produce like I expected but they also had a few other different things. They had someone selling grass-fed beef, someone selling cookies and also a salsa booth. There were a few other things there too, but I was trying to be good and not spend too much.

I was there for produce, since I have been sneaking vegetables into our meals lately. I got a good deal on a few of the vegetables but others were about the same if not more than at our grocery store. I had thought that farmer’s markets were places that had amazing deals on produce, so I was a little disappointed with the pricing. It was good to know that the money I spent was on locally grown items instead of spending money on stuff from who knows where at the grocery store. If you do score some great deals on produce, here are my tips for using it all.

There were also hay rides for a dollar and a small petting zoo, where you could buy food to feed to the animals. Most of the animals seemed hungry! We were even able to feed a calf a bottle.

It was a great experience, and I would definitely do it again when my son is older. We would also choose a day that’s predicted to be less dust-stormy since we were hit mid-hayride.

For more details about their tours, check out another Arizona Mama review about Superstition Farm.

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  1. judi 01/27/2013 at 3:53 pm

    Hi, Monica! I just found your blog….it is so fun! We just started selling our beef out at Superstition Farms….two weeks ago! It is a fun place, and, like you, wish things were cheaper, but we know where the veggies, etc. were grown, how they were grown, and that they are local. Thanks for your efforts here! I have bookmarked your site!