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Fall Fun at the Park

Now that the 100 degree days are dwindling, it’s the time of the year that Arizonans head back outside for some fall fun! We’re fortunate to have so many parks near us; and they have cool names like ‘the teeter-totter park’ or ‘the one with the cool rocks to climb’.  I’m sure those people who spent all that time coming up with the official park names love us!

Swinging into fall fun

Swinging into fall fun!

Sometimes I forget how therapeutic playing at the park can be, until I do it! I used to go to the park with my kiddos and bring a book. I’d get frustrated that they would interrupt my reading time by wanting to spend time talking and playing with me. The nerve of them!

Now that I’m a little older and wiser (maybe that’s a lot older and a little wiser), I appreciate the time my children want to spend with me. I try to take advantage of keeping up with them by spending all time I can with them. We can learn new skills or develop the ones we already have, like kite flying or blowing huge bubbles.

Also, it feels good to throw a football or a Frisbee. It’s rejuvenating to get the blood flowing and run around on the playground equipment. At my age, who knows how much longer I’ll physically be able to do those things? I better enjoy it while I can!

What are your favorite fall park activities?

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