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Gluten Free Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

With the holidays comes the urgent need to entertain and have various snacks available.  One of my family’s favorite items to have for the holidays is my gluten free cheese stuffed mushrooms.  Just writing about it makes me want one!  Here is one of my family’s favorite recipes!

Large Mushrooms (I get 2 big packs from Costco)

2 packs of cream cheese
1-2 cups schredded cheese
1-2 cups bacon

Preheat the oven to 350. Let the cream cheese soften and dump the cream cheese, shredded cheese, and bacon into a bowl.  Wash and clean out the center of the mushrooms.  Mix the filling and then stuff each of the mushrooms placing them on a cookie tray.  Once the tray is stuffed, put them in the over for 18-25 minutes making sure that the mushroom is fully cooked.  Then serve!  They are also great cold.

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