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There is a season for everything

There is a time for everything, slowly I have come to realize that it’s not at the same time. I admit to simultaneously trying to raise children, maintain a virtual career all while attempting to create my own unique presence in this vast world wide web we all exist in. My results have been mixed, at best.  I’ve come to accept that I cannot circumvent the laws of nature, the hands of time nor the developmental path my children are on, though I’ve tried.  It wore me out.

While I believe deep in the core of my being that we are intended to “have it all” in our lives, I no longer believe that we are intended to “have it all” at the same time.  Not with any quality in our days and not without a compromise of our sanity.

Slowly, yet surely, I’ve come to accept and even develop a deep appreciation for “having it all” in stages. It’s actually quite brilliant if you think about it. By choosing to focus my energy and commit to one area (or two) at a time, I’m afforded the opportunity to immerse myself thoroughly into that choice.  Something that juggling it all never truly afforded me.

My babes will only be young for a brief time. How long are they young in comparison to the number of years I will have to pursue all of my ideas and goals? When I do the math I realize that once they are older,  I will still have quite literally a quarter of a century to do “my thing”. I am not even convinced that I have the attention span to focus on something for that many years. I’ve settled into this current season of my life of raising my children while enjoying some degree of professional development. This is a compromise I make with a glad heart. My season to publish books, create an organization for young photographers, and make myself available for opportunities that arise from an active professional life will come. When it does, my mind will be at ease, my heart will be at peace because I will not be living with any regrets of having short changed the brief season of bringing up babes. My mind free to engage will afford many opportunities to truly appreciate having it all.

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