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Gratitude Tree

I have always wanted to do a gratitude tree.  I even had grand visions of an elaborate tree with branches that we would all attach leaves to with items for which  we are grateful or thankful. But then life, kidney stones, and being exhausted from holiday meal prep had to be factored into what I left off my to do list right before the holidays.  Thankfully, my uncle, who is retired and not as frazzled as I am, brought with him what he called the Thanksgiving Tree.  It’s very simple and something your family can do throughout the year.

1.  Create a basic tree on the computer.  You can make it as complicated or as simple as you desire.  Even a picture of a tree from the clipart files works, too!

2.  Either use a sticky pad or pins.  You can create leaves or whatever you want.  We just used a sticky pad with our names already on the sheets.

3.  Have everyone write down what they are thankful or grateful for this year.  If your child can’t write or prefers to draw a picture, let them.

4.  Go around the room and have everyone read off what they put on their paper.  If they created a picture, have your child describe what it is.  Once they have read or described what is on their paper, they can then attach it to the tree.

It’s a great reminder for your family as you go through this holiday season of the blessings they have received this year.  It’s also a wonderful exercise to remind your kids to be grateful for what they have.   Enjoy!

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