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Snacks to Bring to the Zoo

At the Phoenix Zoo, they will let you bring in a cooler and your own food. This is great, because the food is quite expensive inside the zoo. These ideas are also great for other outings or road trips.

Frozen Water Bottles

These keep everything in the cooler cold until lunchtime. We bring in a wagon or a stroller to hold everything and to hold my son when he doesn’t want to walk or falls asleep.

(DIY) Squeeze Applesauce

A great snack to eat while you watch the animals. Plus, you can sneak in some pureed vegetables and the kids will never know!
Can of Pineapple Chunks

Can of Pineapple Chunks

We bring a few toothpicks to eat these with. Someone can drink the juice from it too! This was my favorite, but make sure you buy the cans with the pull top lid!

Beef Jerky

This was great for something to chew on after lunch.


These are easy sandwiches to make ahead of time or you can bring the stuff with you to make it while you are there. Make sure your peanut butter and jelly are in plastic jars though! I prefer bringing these over sandwiches with meat because there is less of a chance of them going bad before you get to eat them.

Dry Cereal

We eat dry cereal for breakfast sometimes, and because we got up early to go to the zoo we took it with us.

Fresh Fruit

fresh fruit to bring to the zoo

We took a banana for the other half of our breakfast, and ate it like a monkey. I’m sure it helped us be able to walk around for as long as we did! We didn’t bring carrot sticks this time, but I’m pretty sure I saw an elephant eating them and it made me wish I had brought some. Apples are also a great snack because they are easy to just grab and eat and they won’t go bad through out the day!


We brought goldfish, animal crackers and some cheeze-its. My toddler kept wanting to hold the bag, so next time I will be bringing him his own bag!

A couple of other things to remember for the zoo, is that it gets really hot at the Phoenix Zoo, so even if it is cool in the morning remember that it will be warm later and that shade is scare. Cool clothing, hats and sunblock are super important!

What food do you like to bring to the zoo?

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  1. Jocelyn 10/18/2015 at 6:09 am

    Dear Mr. Foster ,I am going to describe about the myaihctl creature i have made up and it is called Snakemosq .Snakemosq’s body is as long as a elephant trunk and very slim like a snake. It has wings up on his slimy back and 2 big gloomy eyes looking around it’s body. This creature eats only blood like a mosquito because it is half breed of snake and mosquito. It moves at the same speed as a hyper cheetah even though it does’t have any legs. It’s hard to believe that it can turn there head 360 degrees so they can look for their prey efficiently. Snakemosq can kill it’s prey by simply using there tongue to lick them, on the contrary, Snakemosq’s saliva can be a medicine to heal the wound.

  2. Ceri 07/25/2013 at 11:30 pm

    Pineapple is a great idea, but I would just dump it in a container or bring plastic forks. Those pull top cans are still pretty sharp, if your using tooth picks your little one could cut themselves…

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  4. Heather 04/21/2013 at 6:13 pm

    These are great suggestions! I never thought about brining pineapple before, but it is so refreshing. Will definitely bring that next time! Thanks for linking up to Moonlight & Mason Jar Monday!

  5. Michelle 04/14/2013 at 1:44 pm

    I’m going to try to remember those ideas for when we go down to the river this summer.