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Eating Out of a Hotel Room {Vacation Money Saving Ideas}

I like to save money, and one of the best ways for us is to eat out less. That’s hard to do while traveling, so here our some meal ideas that I used in our hotel room on my latest traveling adventure.

Take Advantage of the Continental Breakfast

Sometimes this means getting up earlier than I would like, but FREE is my favorite word so I get up and eat when I can, and sometimes go back to bed.

Frozen Microwave Meals

Our hotel room had a “Kitchenette” that came with a microwave, decent size mini-fridge and freezer. Paying extra to have these in a hotel room may be worth the cost that you save by not going out. We stocked up on frozen food: Chicken Nuggets, Hot Pockets, and Pot Pies.

IMAG2751 copy

Other Microwave Meals

  • Bean and Cheese Burritos: Can of Beans, Tortillas, Taco Bell Mild Sauce, Cheese (Kept Refrigerated)
  • Chili Dogs: Can of Chili, Hot Dog Buns, Hot Dogs (Kept Refrigerated), Cheese (Kept Refrigerated)
  • Easy Mac, Top Ramen, Canned Soup, Instant Potatoes, Instant Rice
  • Leftovers! When you do eat out, save what you can to eat for lunch or a snack the next day.

Coffee Maker Meals


If your hotel room doesn’t come with anything but a coffee maker you can still make a couple meals in your room. Anything that just takes hot water you could make with just the coffee maker. I made a few of these when my son was sleeping because the microwave was too loud.

  • Oatmeal
  • Ramen
  • Soup
  • Instant Rice
  • Instant Potatoes

If you want to get crazy with making things from your coffee maker check out Geekosystem’s post: Coffee Maker Food

drawers copy

We also bought stuff for some sandwiches, plenty of snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to bring plates, silverware and a microwave dish. We have a nice pocket knife we plan on using for the fruit. Check out my ideas on snacks to bring to the zoo– they would work well to bring to your hotel room as well!

Do you ever eat in your hotel room, if so what do you usually eat?

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  2. Marle 05/07/2015 at 3:06 pm

    clean up afterwards housekeeping don’t get paid to scrap rice out of coffee pots. Tip. It’s a thankless profesion. And they don’t set the room rates.

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  6. Laura 08/28/2013 at 5:57 pm

    When we went to the beach this summer we cooked almost all our meals in the hotel room. Our hotel didn’t have a free continental breakfast, so I made muffins and granola bars to bring with us. We made sandwiches and leftovers for lunch. For supper, I precooked easy to freeze meals at home, packed them in a cooler and then used the microwave to heat them up the day we planned to eat them. That way not only did save money by not eating out, we also got good homecooked meals without a lot of processed garbage.

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