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Camping on the Mogollon Rim

We recently took a break from the heat and went up north to the Mogollon Rim to go camping for a couple of days. It was so nice to get away from the heat and to spend some time relaxing and not worrying about life. While we were there we cooked some great food, went on four wheeling rides, had camp fires and picked blackberries.

A great trail near the Mogollon Rim

A great trail near the Mogollon Rim

The forecast was that it was going to be rainy on the Mogollon Rim for the whole time we were there but it ended up being pretty nice, the weather would be clear most of the time and showers would come through and move on. We were prepared for it to rain, and it was wonderful. We were happy that rain meant we could have fires safer! (Although we were keeping dry wood under a tarp.)

My husband and our puppy with her Safety Collar so that we can see where she is as she wanders camp.

My husband and our puppy with her Safety Collar so that we can see where she is as she wanders camp.

I planned out the meals before we left, and had most of them prepared ahead of time. I love tin foil dinners, usually they consist of onions, hamburger, seasoning, carrots and potatoes. I also decided to mix it up a little bit and make a shepherd’s pie tin foil dinner. We cooked a few meals on sticks too. Have you ever had a steak cooked on a stick over a campfire? They are to die for! (See my Camping Menu and Recipes)
Up on the rim they do allow motorized vehicles, but only in certain areas. There are plenty of easy to drive roads (we took a huge 5th wheel trailer out there) and a couple of trails that you are allowed to drive on as well. Get a map before you go, they even have ones available to download onto your phone to use with the GPS. We had tons of fun site seeing and scouting out some future campsites and future trails to check out later. We saw some cool animals and so many beautiful sites.

My son usually loves fourwheeling but apparently naptime was more important this time

My son usually loves fourwheeling but apparently naptime was more important this time

The kids would tend to wander off while we were at the camp, after following them one time we found tons of wild blackberry bushes and we started picking them. They were fun to pick, and were great snacks for us and the kids.

The other really neat thing the kids found when they were out wandering was ladybugs. My husband thought I was crazy but I loved them! There were millions and we were able to see them up close and they crawled up our legs and arms. They flew everywhere and landed all over us.

Click on the picture to enlarge, there really were millions of ladybugs!

Click on the picture to enlarge, there really were millions of ladybugs!

Something else that we did (until my legs got tired) was seesaw! We found a couple of fallen trees and set them up as a seesaw. The kids loved it and were sad when I was too tired. My excuse was that I was doing all of the leg work!
Make a seesaw while camping!

We had so much fun, we were able to go during the week so we hardly saw anyone else. The whole trip we were all saying how perfect and beautiful it was. I can’t wait to go back, but only after a I have few more showers!
Camping on the Mogollon Rim near Payson, AZ

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  4. Ariane 10/18/2015 at 5:56 am

    hum i definately like the look of your home made mlseui ! and tell Dan that i am not laughing at him managing to get Vitargo in his eye and up his nose honest ! seriously H am sure that you will finish the Mogollon Monster, Just stay positive and keep on training xxxxx

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  10. Melissa 07/30/2013 at 12:12 pm

    Sounds like a great trip – I love the Rim it is so peaceful up there. Love the safety collar, too – going to have to buy one of those for our Winston.

  11. Deanna Heiliger 07/30/2013 at 9:35 am

    Looks like such a fun family vacation! The dog safety collar is a great idea, and your food sounds delish!