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The Greatest Trip I Hardly Remember

I married a man who was born on the other side of the country from me. No matter where we live, one side of our family lives a few thousand miles away, so we travel. That’s ok with me, because I love to travel. (If you couldn’t tell by all of my other travel posts.)
In early November of 2010 my husband and I took a trip to see his family and to attend a wedding. We had ordered ourselves a camera for Christmas but it didn’t arrive in time so we borrowed one from my sister. I was glad we had a camera because it was a beautiful time of year. I was finally able to see how beautiful New England was in the fall, I had been hearing about it for years. It truly was a gorgeous sight. The wedding was gorgeous as well, it was outdoors and the background was a hill covered in red and gold trees. We had fun spending time with the family and my husband even danced with me once, and he hates to dance.

One rainy Monday, the day before going home we took the train into Boston and decided to walk the Freedom Trail. It was the first time for both of us. I’m always surprised at how little sight seeing my husband has done in his home state.

The rain wasn’t too bad it wasn’t too cold and just rained off and on. The amount of other tourists we saw was limited. That being said, the people working at the old churches and buildings we went to had very little to do, so we were usually the only ones on the tour and they showed us more than they usually would. In one building the girl working there was an architect major who was bored and she took us onto the roof where it said employees only to see how they formed the wooden beams to make the ceiling below.

In the churches all of the tombs had to be sealed back in the day, except for one where they had to remove a few bricks when they put in the central air. We were able to stick our hand inside with our camera to get a picture. In another building we were able to see how they raised and lowered the chandlier and the parts that were left over from when they made it electric. It was so neat to be the only ones looking around and to be able to look at almost anything we were interested in.

On the way back to the train from the last stop of the Freedom Trail we walked over a bridge that went over the Boston Harbor. About halfway across that bridge the camera fell from my pocket. In slow motion we watched as the camera bounced off the walkway. It only bounced once. As we both tried to reach for the camera we saw the only hole on the bridge was tiny, the camera shouldn’t be able to fit through there. But it did. It only fit through that hole sideways. As it fell it didn’t touch any of the sides of that hole, it swished as if Micheal Jordan dunked it in. It went straight down into the harbor where we would never see it again in a million years.

Immediately I realized what that meant and what pictures were on the camera that I would never have or see. I would miss out on all of the great pictures we took for the entire trip, and especially our entire trip into Boston that day. All of these pictures and experiences I wish I could remember a little better, with the use of those pictures on a bigger screen to etch them in my memory but now we will have to go back and do it again.

It’s still on our bucket list to try to recreate that trip, we are just waiting on a rainy fall day.

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