April works full time in higher education balancing her time between her special needs son, handsome husband, elderly mother, and new baby coming in May 2014. She has a background in theatre, film, and television but somehow stumbled into the educational field. She loves spending time with her family, dreaming of the beach and organizing her house.

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Websites to Bridge Learning Part 1


As a parent and someone who works in the education field, I understand and appreciate the value of continually expanding your horizon.  Although my son is  5 and not very far in school, I want to fill his vacation time not only with fun and childhood memories, but also with continuing knowledge so he doesn’t lose what he has already learned.  There are so many different activities out there and so many websites that can help enhance the  learning experience.  Learning doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming.  Even adding an hour a day of a different kind of activity will help keep your child on the right path in learning.  Some require a monthly fee while others are free to all.  Homeschool sites can also be effective and have additional items to help fill the time.  I have compiled a somewhat large list of websites and so I am breaking them down into different parts.  Here is Part 1 of the top education websites:

Handwriting Worksheets -This website allows you to create and print your own worksheets for free.  One of my son’s teachers uses this site to create worksheets with each child’s name.  Once you print it, I just make copies for him to practice writing out his name.  It’s a perfect way to assist with handwriting issues.

Signing Savy -If you are trying to teach your child how to communicate, then sign language is something you should learn with your child.  This site allows you to pick a letter and learn how to sign it.  There are also other items to learn like baby signs, animals, etc.

Phet Interactive Simulations -These are fun and interactive simulations based on calculations from the University of Colorado.  It’s a great way for your child to see various simulations that mirror real life like plate techtonics, graphs, etc.  It’s also a great tool if you are homeschooling your child.

Arts Edge -This site is supported by the Kennedy Center covering a multitude of artistic lessons.  Would you like to hear the music from the civil war?  Or what about Arthur Miller?  These are only some of the topics covered.  It is a great tool for kids who connect to the arts.

Vocabulary Spelling City -There are games, practice spelling tests, and many vocabulary building tests for students to use as practice before the big tests.  Writing is also incorporated into the website along with parents being able to track your child’s progress.

Little Passports -If you wish to expose your child to a variety of cultures, this is a great way to do this.  You pay a monthly fee and a special package for the month with a different location.  There are online games and learning opportunities attached to each delivery.  You can choose the USA or International version.

Free Reading -This is a free site for teachers and parents that can use to help your child learn how to read.  Everything is free, but you can’t make any changes to the documents unless you are a member.

Hunkins Experiments -There are all kinds of experiments done with cartoons from sound to electrical experiments that can also be duplicated by your child.  They also hid a fake experiment on the website for your child to find.  This is a great tool to get them interested in science and learning about the world around them.

Kids Farm -This site is about people and animals that live on a farm in Colorado.  The website covers how food grows, how to take care of animals, spelling, and pictures that have descriptions of what the individual animals love to do.  It’s a great way to introduce the farm to your child.

These are only some of the websites available for learning activities.  If your child ever says that they are bored, this is a great way to keep them occupied and learning at the same time.  Enjoy!

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