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Educational Websites to Bridge Learning Part 2


This is Part 2 of my series and I hope you find the sites useful as you work with your child.  With all of the changes to state standards, kindergartners are now required to do some of the things we learned in 1st and 2nd grades with 30 minutes of homework time a night.  In addition, there has been an entire revolution as to how they go about teaching kids basic math skills.

Common Core is a term you will hear quite frequently and although it is somewhat of positive step in the right direction, I fear that in the process we are losing some children who are a little slower to digest this material.  Because of this, I have discovered many different websites to help engage our children and make learning interesting and applicable to their lives.  Math is one of the subjects that schools are really encouraging due to the jobs that will be available in the future and are currently going unfilled in this country.  Here are some of the other great educational websites out there:

Kids Math Games -This website has games, printables, worksheets, videos, quizzes, and much more.  It’s a great bonus to help your child that might be struggling in math to get some extra assistance so they don’t fall behind.  Extra practice is always welcome!

Bedtime Math -This is a great website for all ages of kids.  There is a daily math riddle that is tailored with age specific questions for daily activities.  There are ideas for families, daily emails of the math problems, and more.  The founder studied astrophysics at Princeton and public policy at Wharton.  They support the K-12 Stem studies.

TLS Books -This is a great site to find creative writing worksheets, and activities for all grade levels.  If your child needs more work in creative writing or writing stories, this is a great site.  They currently have hundreds of activities available.

Scholastic Early Learners -This site is reading activities for early learners.  There are 54 books that can be read to your child with a click of the mouse.  There are other online activities that support these lessons.  Scholastic is well known in the educational world and they usually have great activities.


Handwriting Worksheets -This is a great resource for parents to utilize when your child is first learning to write.  You can choose what is to be on the worksheets and you can then print them out for immediate use.  This is extremely helpful if your child is learning their name or needs practice writing specific words for school.  Teachers use this resource a lot.

Owl & Mouse -Interactive games and software to help kids learn to read.  It covers the sounds that letters make and how to bridge reading with letters.  It’s a great interactive tool for parents.

Starfall -This website supports learning to read with phonics.  There are phonics based activities and parents can purchase books that parallel the website to support learning.

Reading Bear -Over 1200 vocabulary items are available along with presentations on the phonics rules.  It’s aimed for kids 4-7 years of age and is very thorough in teaching basics.  It’s free and all done by a nonprofit.  This is great for families and teachers.

Time 4 Writing -You can utilize their free resources for writing basics for kids.  It’s a great way to keep your child writing so they are prepared for all of the writing that will occur later on in school and is a great resource for parents whose child is struggling in this area.

Again, this is a short list of the great sites that are available to our kids.  As I discover more sites, I will add to my growing list.

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