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A Taste of Greece Festival – Chandler, Arizona

Greek Festival

This weekend the Taste of Greece Festival is going to be back in Chandler, Arizona. We were able to go to the Greek Festival last fall and it was great. I was happy to experience the food and culture.

I haven’t had much experience with Greek food or culture outside of this festival. In fact, I’ve only seen Mamma Mia part of the way through!

The Greek Festival has vendors with plenty of shopping, a kids zone, and plenty of great food. My favorite is the Saganaki- the flaming cheese. This cheese is goat cheese that they light on fire. The flame goes a few feet in the air, and once it is sufficiently flambeed it is extinguished with fresh squeezed lemon. It is pure melty goodness, especially when it is scooped up with the pita bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Dates and Times: 

May 2nd, 5pm – 10pm

May 3rd, 11am – 10pm

May 4th, 11 am – 7pm

Admission: $3, Kids Under 3 are free (Also check out their Facebook page for Free Admission) 

Dancing at the Greek Festival #arizonamamaThey also have a line up of traditional costumed dancing and live music. There was also a couple of fun characters that danced with the kids. They were able to get my little non-dancer to try to follow along and attempt to dance a little bit.

Shuttle Bus to Greek Festival #arizonamama

The kids zone cost a few dollars, and they had some bounce houses and a huge blow up slide as well. I’m not sure what A Taste of Greece will have this year, but I’m sure it will be comparable to what they had there last fall. My son’s favorite part of the entire day was the shuttle from the parking to the church. He still talks about the bus ride 6 months later!

Go out this weekend and grab some delicious food within the great atmosphere of the beautiful  St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Chandler. 2716 N. Dobson Rd., Chandler 85224. Just south of Elliott & Dobson.

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