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Arizona December 2013 Things To Do Part 1

By April Johnston

It's that time of year and we have officially entered the extremely busy season for events! There are so many things to do in Arizona that are located within a decent driving distance of most people in... Read More

"Waste Not" Helps Feed the Hungry in Arizona

By Melissa Choate

Remember when you were a kid refusing to eat your broccoli and your mother pleaded with you to “think of all the starving children?” That is exactly what one woman did when she saw food going to waste at a local resort. She wanted to save some people from going hungry so she borrowed a pick-up t... Read More

Giving Tuesday Spotlight on Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Arizona

By April Johnston

Our family has supported Crisis Pregnancy Centers for many years with donations of clothes, home goods, and more.  This is a great organization that was begun by a pastor and his wife to better serve the families in Arizona with good information about family planning and emergency pregnancy assi... Read More

Giving Tuesday: Arizona Chandler CARE Center

By Raejean Roberts

“Mom, what are we doing next Saturday?” my 13 year old daughter asked. Is it just me, or does this question make every mother in the country a little nervous? Before I could get too worried, she finished with “I want to help pass out food to families at the Chandler CARE Center.”  I love my... Read More

The Arizona Polar Express Experience

By April Johnston

My family recently made our first trip to the Polar Express in Williams.  My son absolutely loves trains, but he wasn't that familiar with the story behind the trip.  It was never a story that really connected with our family, but trains was a whole other matter!  We decided to stay overnight o... Read More

10 Entertaining Arizona Festivals in December

By Monica Jamer

In the Phoenix valley, winter is our main time of the year to get out and enjoy life. There are so many different festivals you can attend in December that choosing will be the hardest part! Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts December 6-8 Free Admission This art festival ranks in the top 20... Read More

Arizona November 2013 Things To Do

By April Johnston

This time of year there are tons of things to do.  The weather is beautiful and everyone that has been cooped up all summer are running from event to event just to be outdoors.  My family is no exception to this and we are excited that cooler weather is finally here.  I have compiled a list of ... Read More

Where's My Phone?

By jackiejames

It's hard for my kids to fathom a world without technology.  All their lives, they've been bombarded with the newest "this" and the upgraded "that."  I got my first cell phone in 1999, at the ripe old age of 33.  I still have the same phone number, the same service, and, if you ask my kids,  ... Read More

Yup, I Am A Mom

By jackiejames

I came to the realization the other day that I have been a mom almost half my life.  It's hard for me to recall life without Ryan, Kayla, Shannon and Daniel, but I know that I had many great years before their existence!  I am reminded daily, if not hourly--that I am most definitely, a mom. Thi... Read More

Arizona Things To Do October 2013

By April Johnston

It's starting to move out of the hundreds and people are opening their homes for the cooler night air.  It's a great time to start doing more outdoorsy things with your family without getting heatstroke!  Here are some really cool things to do in October: Crafty Kids-October 16, Glendale Main Lib... Read More