Plan a Phoenix Staycation For Under $40 a Person

By Michelle Gardner

It is summer and I am totally in the mood for a vacation! Aren't you? Unfortunately, a family vacation out of state is not in our near future, but a fantastic and affordable STAY-cation is thanks to our new adventures with Pogo Pass. We can have a blast without leaving the state for under $40 a pers... Read More

Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Recipes

By Melissa Choate

It's no surprise that Cinco de Mayo is a highly anticipated event in Arizona, the home of a growing Latino and Hispanic community. Use these crafts and recipes to help celebrate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival on May 3 &... Read More

9 Things To Do With Kids In Arizona

By Raejean Roberts

With temperatures in the 70’s, this is the best time to live in Arizona! Before those of you who have been dealing with freezing temperatures and copious amounts of snow think I’m bragging, just remember this is our reward for surviving our 120 degree days in July. So how do we take advantage ... Read More

Pregnancy 2nd Time Around

By April Johnston

We recently found out that we are expecting our 2nd child and since it has been over 5 years since I had our first son, this has been almost like starting over from scratch.  There are a l... Read More

“Waste Not” Helps Feed the Hungry in Arizona

By Melissa Choate

Remember when you were a kid refusing to eat your broccoli and your mother pleaded with you to “think of all the starving children?” That is exactly what one woman did when she saw food going to waste at a local resort. She wanted to save some people from going hungry so she borrowed a pick-up t... Read More

Giving Tuesday: Arizona Chandler CARE Center

By Raejean Roberts

“Mom, what are we doing next Saturday?” my 13 year old daughter asked. Is it just me, or does this question make every mother in the country a little nervous? Before I could get too worried, she finished with “I want to help pass out food to families at the Chandler CARE Center.”  I love my... Read More

I Remember School Differently…

By April Johnston

My son started kindergarten this week and I already want him to go somewhere else (out of Arizona.)  I want to go back to the schools of yesteryear when parents aren't prosecuted in court for taking their kids out of school but it doesn't meet their criteria of excused absence, where boys use the ... Read More

Websites to Bridge Learning Part 1

By April Johnston

As a parent and someone who works in the education field, I understand and appreciate the value of continually expanding your horizon.  Although my son is  5 and not very far in school, I want to fill his vacation time not only with fun and childhood memories, but also with continuing knowledg... Read More

Best Wedding Gift Ideas for 2013

By Melissa Choate

Ever wonder why June is the most popular month for weddings? In medieval times, a person usually had their annual bath in May or June. Also, a June wedding meant their first child would be due in springtime. Today brides often choose a June date because of better weather and honeymoon packages. ... Read More

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

By Amelia Maness-Gilliland

The only thing more uncomfortable than being in a conflict is being around one! As a parent, watching your children argue and bicker with one another is one of the most trying experiences. Parents have some options when it comes to how best to deal with these issues.  Some parents let their ... Read More