10 Things to Do in Phoenix Before School is Out

By Melissa Choate

The last day of the 2013-14 school year for my children is May 22nd. When the school bell rings that afternoon it will be an end to classes and the beginning of a long, hot summer vacation in Phoenix. A little preparation can make an average summer awesome. Here is a list of 10 things to do in Phoen... Read More

Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Recipes

By Melissa Choate

It's no surprise that Cinco de Mayo is a highly anticipated event in Arizona, the home of a growing Latino and Hispanic community. Use these crafts and recipes to help celebrate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival on May 3 &... Read More

Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival 2014

By Melissa Choate

Cinco de Mayo celebrations began as a way to commemorate Mexico's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. As its popularity grew in the United States, the holiday evolved to include a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. The Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival is one of... Read More

9 Things To Do With Kids In Arizona

By Raejean Roberts

With temperatures in the 70’s, this is the best time to live in Arizona! Before those of you who have been dealing with freezing temperatures and copious amounts of snow think I’m bragging, just remember this is our reward for surviving our 120 degree days in July. So how do we take advantage ... Read More

Celebrate Phoestivus 2013 in Downtown Phoenix

By Melissa Choate

“Festivus for the rest of us!” That was the slogan of Frank Costanza's made-up holiday on an unforgettable Seinfeld episode. George might be ashamed of his family's wacky tradition but you'll enjoy celebrating this alternative holiday in Downtown Phoenix at the fourth annual Phoestivus 2013. It ... Read More

10 Entertaining Arizona Festivals in December

By Monica Jamer

In the Phoenix valley, winter is our main time of the year to get out and enjoy life. There are so many different festivals you can attend in December that choosing will be the hardest part! Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts December 6-8 Free Admission This art festival ranks in the top 20... Read More

Cleaning Out the Closet

By April Johnston

Our family is experiencing a major life change right now and part of this involves cleaning out my son's old clothes, toys, etc.  We have saved all of his stuff in the hope that we might have another child, but he's 5 and we are not even close.  We haven't given up on having another one, but we ar... Read More

Arizona Things to Do July 2013

By April Johnston

July is a tough month in Arizona with high temps and miserable kids stuck inside all day.  Here are some fun things to do during this month to keep your kiddos busy and entertained.  Enjoy! Prowl and Play at the Phoenix Zoo -July 13 and August 10.  There are splash pads, music with Radio Disney,... Read More

Arizona 2013 Arts Camps for Kids

By April Johnston

Every year kids across the valley participate in a artistic camps.  This year is no exception and will definitely be a full summer.  Here are some of the artistic camps in the valley ranging from hands on art to music to theatrical: Christian Youth Theatre -Week-long musical theatre summer day ca... Read More

AZ Things to Do May 2013 Part 2

By April Johnston

Everytime I think I can stop looking for activities, I end up finding more!  Here are more fun events happening this month to keep you and your family busy, happy, and learning. Free Science Saturdays - Chandler.  Tumbleweed Ranch.  2nd Saturday, October -May (excluding November and March).  ... Read More