Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Recipes

By Melissa Choate

It's no surprise that Cinco de Mayo is a highly anticipated event in Arizona, the home of a growing Latino and Hispanic community. Use these crafts and recipes to help celebrate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival on May 3 &... Read More

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Roasted Potatoes

By April Johnston

This is one of my husband's favorite potato recipes and it is gluten free!  It's very simple and requires a little prep work, but it can be done in under an hour including the baking time.  We made this for Thanksgiving last year instead of mashed potatoes and it was healthier, too! It is best to... Read More

Electric Vegetables for Kids

By Amee Hoge

It is from my vast experiences teaching kids and feeding my nieces and nephews that not all vegetables are taboo to kids.  Have you ever noticed how many kids love the colors purple and red?  They're vibrant, bold, and pleasing to the eye.. and so are they with kids. So try this- instead of ent... Read More