7 Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

By Melissa Choate

This year Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5 - 9, 2014. While most teachers admit they have way too many candles, there are things you can give to show the teachers in your child's life how much you value their hard work. Here are seven ideas to help celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. 1.  Make... Read More

I Remember School Differently…

By April Johnston

My son started kindergarten this week and I already want him to go somewhere else (out of Arizona.)  I want to go back to the schools of yesteryear when parents aren't prosecuted in court for taking their kids out of school but it doesn't meet their criteria of excused absence, where boys use the ... Read More

Special Education Vs. Main Stream Education

By April Johnston

When should children who are special needs be place in mainstream education?  Should they be placed there at all?  Educators have been trying to clarify this issue for years and yet, there are no definitive answers. The needs of each child need to be carefully weighed and parents need to weigh in... Read More


By April Johnston

What is dyslexia?  Dyslexia has been thought to be caused by laziness or lack of intelligence when in reality it's a neurological disorder that is a type of learning disability.  The brain distorts information and interprets it differently that those without it.  This common disability can often ... Read More

Messenger Bag Tutorial

By Monica Jamer

I have a favorite messenger bag that I never used because a) it's falling apart b) it was from high school and still has drawings all over it. Also, if I want to carry my computer in it that's all that will fit. I am a mom, so I have to bring more than that with me, especially as I am going to the a... Read More

What to Expect In Parent Teacher Conferences for Special Needs Children

By April Johnston

It’s that time of year when schools open their doors to parents for Parent Teacher Conferences.   Even if you have had an IEP within the past few months, it is still beneficial for you to meet with the teacher and therapists.  It’s different than an IEP in that they can sit down and go over w... Read More