Plan a Phoenix Staycation For Under $40 a Person

By Michelle Gardner

It is summer and I am totally in the mood for a vacation! Aren't you? Unfortunately, a family vacation out of state is not in our near future, but a fantastic and affordable STAY-cation is thanks to our new adventures with Pogo Pass. We can have a blast without leaving the state for under $40 a pers... Read More

10 Things to Do in Phoenix Before School is Out

By Melissa Choate

The last day of the 2013-14 school year for my children is May 22nd. When the school bell rings that afternoon it will be an end to classes and the beginning of a long, hot summer vacation in Phoenix. A little preparation can make an average summer awesome. Here is a list of 10 things to do in Phoen... Read More

Last Wave of Summer

By Raejean Roberts

I was sad when a recent move ended four years of working with Cub Scouts. It didn’t last long; since I was just asked to be the Wolf leader for our local Cub Scout Pack. Yeah! My new role inspired me to look back at some of the fun activities I enjoyed with my last Wolf Den. Not surprisingly, I fo... Read More

How to Spot a Drowning Person

By Melissa Choate

Real life is nothing like a movie. As adults, we know this truth yet we may not realize how deeply our perception of reality is shaped by Hollywood. Take drowning, for example. "Baywatch" may have depicted it as a dramatic, splash-and-scream event after which the submerged victim is pulled to shore,... Read More

How to Treat and Prevent Car Sickness in Kids

By Melissa Choate

Car sickness is the bane of family road trips. In my son's case, sitting in the backseat while I run a couple of errands is enough to cause queasiness. If you're in the same boat - or car - as me, read on for some helpful tips on how to treat and prevent car sickness in kids. What causes car sick... Read More

DIY Swim Suit Bikini Top

By Monica Jamer

Shopping for a bikini is not easy, because one piece of the bikini is $14 on sale! I hate to break it to you people, but $14 for two tiny triangles and string is not worth it. Not to mention you still have to buy bottoms. At a fabric store when it's not on sale you can get a yard of fabric for $14... Read More

Remembering Summer

By Mandi

The first day of summer has officially come and gone on the calendar and summer is now winding down.  It's not over, certainly not in Arizona, but the start of the school year signals "summer's over" in my book. The Back to School sales blazing at all the stores since the beginning of July has... Read More

Phoenix Area Summer Reading Programs

By Raejean Roberts

  One of my favorite parts of summer is all the great Summer Reading programs available!  Our local libraries have some of the best programs. Apache Junction Library Read Your Way to the Ballpark – This program runs from May 31 through July 30.  Children receive a voucher to select Ari... Read More