Toddler Outings In Arizona

By Monica Jamer

I love to take my toddler out and about. At two and a half he loves to explore and we both love to spend time out of the house. I take pictures to show him later, but I am truly amazed at how much he remembers and soaks in. We went to the Greek Festival last fall and they shuttled us from the parkin... Read More

Snacks to Bring to the Zoo

By Monica Jamer

At the Phoenix Zoo, they will let you bring in a cooler and your own food. This is great, because the food is quite expensive inside the zoo. These ideas are also great for other outings or road trips. Frozen Water Bottles These keep everything in the cooler cold until lunchtime. We bring in a wag... Read More

Arizona Events for October 2012 Part 2

By April Johnston

There are so many really cool events going on in the state that I had to create a sequel! I wish I could take my family to all of these events, but it is just not humanly possible.  I hope that some of these events inspire you to create time for your family and allow your children to explore a litt... Read More